Leveraging Facebook's Machine Learning Algorithm To Dominate Your Physical Therapy Marketing

"Facebook's Artificial Intelligence is Like a Heat Seeking Missile For Your Marketing Campaigns"

Scientific Marketing - Treating Your Marketing Like You Treat Your Patients

"A Scientific Approach To Your Clinic Marketing Means Guaranteed Success"

How To Generate 30+ New Direct Access Plan of Cares Consistently Each Month

"If you have nothing special to offer, why would patients decide to come to your clinic?"

Key Communication Skills That Are Even More Important Than Clinical Skills

"Being an owner and a leader means learning and instilling this culture into your team."

Your EMR Manages Retention and Revenue - Your CRM Manages Opportunities and New Patients

"Whatever gets measured, gets managed"

Leveraging Your EMR Data To Generate The Highest Value Patients With Targeted Ads on Facebook

“The highest value patient is a combination of these factors: revenue per visit, number of visits, and frequency of visits.”

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